Black Glass is an agile marketing consultancy.

We deliver practical strategic guidance that is
easy to implement and makes an instant impact.

We deliver results through

Radical Clarity

Powered by the world’s largest source of customer data, we turn consumer needs
into commercial outcomes, through an approach we call Radical Clarity™.

The elements of
Radical ClarityTM

Our data stack, the industry’s largest, generates insight into opportunity.

Financial models determine the right strategic and operational paths.

Activation-focused strategic playbooks enable rapid execution.

Membership-based consulting creates access to help when it’s needed.

Charting the unknown.

We work with clients to help them achieve their growth goals through a broad set of marketing levers. Our deep marketing capabilities are centralized around your corporate timeline, always putting execution first.

Today’s marketing leaders are dealing with a rapidly evolving culture and an increasingly complex media and technology landscape. They need answers, not 80-page decks, high-falutin theory, and opaque suggestions. Our recommendations are clear, to the point, and designed for immediate implementation. Yes, we’re consultants, but we’ve spent years executing under pressure.

That is radical clarity.

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We help facilitate better outcomes from employees to consumer to shareholders. That means pulling from a wider set of industries to implement what works not just best-in-class.


Consumer Packaged goods





Private Equity

Financial Services

Our access to a trove of data, and our experience in consulting and hands-on marketing, have given us myriad ways to help marketing leaders – there’s a full list of products below.

All are rooted in our belief that your bottom line is our bottom line, and all are delivered fast and cost-efficiently.

We have four proven growth frameworks;

Growing Marketing Performance

We analyze marketing and sales to understand and show the correlation between them, identifying the most cost-effective ways to grow revenue in the short and long term.

Increasing Effectiveness

We audit marketing spending to get a real and full picture of your ROI, to show how you can reduce investment while maintaining or even improving returns.

Driving Customer Centricity

We don’t like buzzwords either, but we can demonstrate that using tactical and use-case-based data to be more responsive to customers will drive growth.

Organizational Optimization

Sounds like more jargon, but it just means that we have a tried-and-tested way to evaluate and improve your internal and external mix of people, process and tech.

Are you grappling with a marketing challenge? Interested in agile consulting? Or an old friend that wants to say hi? We would love to hear from you.

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